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Film and Television

Arrington & Phillips, LLP, we are experienced in handling all aspects of film and television production legal services and business affairs. We negotiate and draft contract and advise on all stages of production deals, including the acquisition of rights and development, preproduction, financing and production,  distribution.

Our office represent the legal, business and personal interests of numerous producers, performers, writers, directors, managers and other talent and entrepreneurs in both film and television. We counsel our clients in all aspects of copyright and trademark law, advising as to the protection, acquisition and licensing of their copyrights, trademarks and other proprietary rights.

Whether you are a radio or T.V. personality, film professional, producer or production company - or if you are engaged in the performing arts or artistic endeavors of any kind - you need the expertise of a experienced attorney to represent your interests. Contact Arrington & Phillips, LLP today and learn how we can help in your entertainment endeavor.
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