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Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle riders may look tough, but they’re actually some of the most vulnerable travelers on our roads. Motorcycle riders get into accidents at the same rate as drivers, but because they don’t have a steel cage or safety restraints to protect them, they’re more likely to die and/or be seriously injured.

For the same reasons, survivors’ injuries can be extremely serious, brain injuries, broken bones, spinal damage and internal injuries. These are life-changing injuries that can lead to months of recovery or a lifetime with a permanent disability. In addition to the physical pain and emotional trauma of a serious accident, they can also cause substantial financial strain for victims and their families. Medical bills, funeral costs and other bills quickly skyrocket when an injury takes a wage-earner out of work. For an ordinary family, these costs can be devastating.

Most motorcycle accidents are actually caused by the other motorist.

If you were seriously hurt in this type of crash, you have a right to hold the driver legally responsible for the results. Arrington & Phillips, LLP can help you recover money for past and future medical bills; lost income; and compensation for a permanent disability, wrongful death or lifelong scarring. Our staff approach enables us to utilize the unique expertise and skill of our attorney to provide our clients with the exceptional service and legal advocacy they need.

If you’re considering filing a motorcycle accident lawsuit, call the Arrington & Phillips, LLP today.
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