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Truck Accident

Many drivers feel intimidated by the semi trucks that share our nation’s highways. Accidents between passenger cars and large trucks are almost always fatal. Semis, also known as 18-wheelers and tractor-trailers, are three to 30 times the weight of an ordinary car. In an accident, that means all of that weight difference is brought directly onto the car.

Truck drivers are subject to special licensing and stringent safety regulations, but all too often, these are ignored.

Trucking accidents could be caused by drowsy drivers, improperly secured cargo, defective equipment or inclement weather conditions. There are a number of federal and state regulations that seek to protect passengers from the dangerous conditions posed by tractor-trailers and trucks on the highway. Our attorney will fully investigate your case to determine whether the driver and trucking company was in compliance with those laws and regulations. We will obtain evidence to assist in determining the cause of the accident. We are dedicated to assisting the victims of trucking accidents pursue claims against negligent trucking companies and drivers that cause injury or death to innocent victims.

Arrington & Phillips, LLP can help. Let us put our experience and proven record of success representing victims of truck driving accidents to work for you.  Contact us now to discuss you case.

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