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Entertainment Law

The Law Office of Arrington & Phillips, LLP provide legal counsel and service for entertainment transactional matters. Whether you are a songwriter, a film producer, a record company, a dancer, a booking agent, or a book publisher, you are a member of the entertainment industry, and you have legal needs unique to your profession. Our experienced attorney represent creative talent and production companies throughout a diverse range of entertainment fields and remain committed to protecting our clients' rights in entertainment law agreements.

At the Law Office of Arrington & Phillips, LLP, we believe that you should focus on your creative work. Our staff is here to help with the business end of things. When you choose us to represent you, we will take the time to learn about you. We will learn about what you do, the art you create, the music you perform or the films you make. We want you to be confident that the steps we take are in line with your goals. To do that, we make certain that we know what your goals are.

We offers the following legal services to counsel you in your role in the entertainment industry:
  • Artist recording agreements
  • Book publishing agreements
  • Synchronization rights (for live concert productions)
  • Endorsement and sponsorship agreements
  • Film production
  • Live engagement and touring agreements
  • Management and merchandising agreements
  • Music publishing and administration agreements
  • Partnership, producer and production agreements
  • Recording agreements
  • Talent agreements
  • Television production and syndication agreements
  • Internet agreements
Our team is familiar with all entertainment-related businesses, including the music, book publishing, film, television and radio industries. We know how to resolve legal disputes within these industries. Whether your case can be resolved through alternative dispute resolution methods, such as mediation or arbitration, or it requires aggressive litigation, we can help.
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